SHRM – CP and SHRM – SCP is based on the latest HR research and emerging knowledge for HR Professionals.

In this ever changing business world, the knowledge that HR Professionals need is growing and evolving.  HR professionals are leading organisations, requiring new knowledge to meet these needs.  The SHRM programs contain content to assisting HR professionals meet the requirements of global HR practices. The programs are aligned to the international Competency Models for HR Professionals and reflect global practice.

The SHRM program is aligned to business needs and is linked to performance.  They include a focus on achieving HR Competencies which form part of the body of knowledge of the program. The body of knowledge is relevant to today’s global HR professionals.  The program groups the competencies into four core knowledge domains:

  • Workplace
  • People
  • Organisation
  • Strategy

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Figure 1 illustrates the competencies which will be developed through the completion of the SHRM programs and the alignment to the knowledge domains.


Figure 1


Course Structure and Learning Methodology


After registration delegates will receive their learning material from Emergence Growth.  Delegates will then attend two day tutorials (instructor lead) classes every second month over an eleven month period.  The instructors are local instructors who are chosen for the relevant subject matter expertise in the topic they are presenting.  Each tutorial is aimed at being interactive to not only convey the required knowledge but to facilitate dialogue between delegates which further aides the learning experience.


Delegates will also receive access to the SHRM online forum which supplements the instructor lead tutorials and has assignments and case studies designed to reinforce the learning and assist delegates to prepare the final assessment.


Final assessments consist of an online examination which will take place in December.

Who should register?


The SHRM – CP program is suitable for HR Professionals who:

  • Have an HR Diploma or Degree
  • Also have 1 – 4 years HR work experience


The following is an outline of the modules which form part of the four knowledge domains and which will be covered in the SHRM – CP program.


Course Outline and Key Topics

Topic 1:  Workplace

  • Module 1: HR in the Global Context
  • Module 2: Diversity Management
  • Module 3: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Module 4: Employee Relations
  • Module 5: Employment Law & Regulations

Topic 2:  People

  • Module 1: Talent Acquisition & Retention
  • Module 2: Employee Engagement
  • Module 3: Learning and Development
  • Module 4: Total Rewards

Topic 3:  Organisation & Strategy

  • Module 1: Business Strategy
  • Module 2: HR Strategy
  • Module 3: Structure of HR
  • Module 4: Risk Management
  • Module 5: Organisational Effectiveness & Development
  • Module 6: Workforce Management
  • Module 7: Technology & Data


Program Duration: Two days every second month over 11 months.

Program Examination Date

SHRM certification


Recognized by HR and Employers

SHRM Certification is the fastest growing program in the HR certification community.
More than 20,000 applicants sought SHRM certification in 2016, and more than 53,000 jobs listed SHRM
credential-holders as preferred applicants.





Meets the Highest Standards

The SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP exams are accredited by The Buros Center for Testing,
the global leader in evaluating the psychometric quality of examinations.




Fueled by HR Competencies

Powered by the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (SHRM BoCK) which was developed and verified
by more than 40,000 HR professionals. 9 out of 10 non-HR business executives view competencies
as important for overall HR department success.




Engineered by Experts

Twice per year, SMEs write new questions to refresh the exam.
This effort is led by top-notch, professionally trained SHRM exam development experts with an average of
20 years of experience, and questions are reviewed and approved by the SHRM Certification
Commission to ensure the quality and impartiality of the program.





Raises the Global Standard

SHRM Certification has worldwide reach, with credential-holders in 105 different countries.




Built With Your Future In Mind

SHRM’s competency-based certification was designed to transport you across 100% of your HR career.
Through more than 40,000 educational programs and a network of over 1,900 providers, SHRM supports
recertification and lifelong professional development in an ever-evolving HR industry.



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