Our Reward Consulting solutions show innovation in employee reward, recognition, engagement and motivation. We advise organisations on how to make their employee reward strategy more effective. We work across all areas of reward management and have developed hundreds of solutions across a number of industries throughout Africa.


Our Surveys provide your business with market intelligence, enabling strategic decision making and tactical optimisation of resources. We are able to produce a detailed cost and compa-ratio analysis per individual/role/level, thus allowing for remuneration decision making to be customised to the level at which it is appropriate for your organisation. We are a leader in all areas of survey intelligence gathering and analysis.


Organisations use engagement surveys to identify trends within the organisation which positively affect the level of employee engagement and satisfaction. In performing the survey analysis, we will identify trends and provide specific recommendations on areas for improvement.


RewardExpert is an accurate and easy-to-use Total Reward system. It offers live data and a host of supporting modules that will assist your organisation in setting appropriate pay levels, performing pay analysis, mitigating legal risk and addressing pay anomalies.


QuikExpat is a suite of expatriate mobility tools that provides your business with market intelligence and enables strategic decision making and tactical optimization of expatriates. It focuses on the needs of globally mobile employees, whether they have short- or long-term assignments.


We offer Certified Professional Programs that provide professionals with learning experiences, concepts, skills and procedures that will help them develop and leverage human expertise and improve their personal and organisational performance through Reward.

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