RewardExpert is an accurate and easy-to-use Total Reward system, offering live data and a host of supporting modules that will assist in setting appropriate pay levels, performing pay analysis, mitigating legislative risk and addressing pay anomalies, across a number of industries and countries. RewardExpert delivers on all your reward management requirements, with ease of use and excellent reliability. We pride ourselves on rigorous data integrity, resulting in highly accurate benchmark data that is supported by highly skilled staff.

RewardExpert helps you to make defensible decisions regarding all components of pay, for all levels of staff. Our Total Rewards model shows the components of pay reported on in the system, and offers the following:

  • Filter over 750 roles by country, industry; job family, grade, experience, and more;
  • Executive remuneration, specific to organisation type, company size, industry, location etc.;
  • General staff remuneration;
  • Non-Executive Director pay;
  • Pay by Grade;
  • National & industry specific data;
  • Benefits data;
  • Incentives;
  • Export data to PDF or Excel;
  • Data is updated bi-weekly;

 On signing up to the system and after every annual increase, an organisation-wide set of reports is provided. These reports include confirmation of job matching and a compa ratio & cost-to-move analysis for every employee in your organisation.

 Features of RewardExpert include:

  • Highly accurate job matching, using our rigorous O-R-G-N © methodology – (O)rganisational Metrics, (R)eporting lines, (G)rade, (N)arrative);
  • Access to our Knowledge Centre (offering access to articles, trends & remuneration related reports);
  • Unlimited number of users;
  • Access levels can be set so that different users can see only the data they need to see;
  • View archive of previously drawn benchmarks;
  • High-level of security;
  • Choose the percentiles relevant to your organisation;
  • Conduct compa-ratio analysis, on the fly, for every benchmark drawn;
  • User friendly interface with powerful business intelligence capability;
  • Able to report in multiple grading systems, input your own custom grading system;
  • Forecasting of data up to 1 year.

Reward Surveys

The purpose of purchasing a Reward System is to compare and set pay levels in your organisation against a relevant comparator group, in the market in which you compete for skills. The mix of both guaranteed and variable pay should promote attraction and retention of superior talent.

The information obtained is typically used for the following:

  • To obtain relevant, accurate, representative data on levels of pay and benefits for specific jobs/levels in the organisation;
  • To adjust the pay levels of employees in response to changing market conditions;
  • To analyse pay-related problems;
  • To set the pay mix (guaranteed vs. variable);
  • To offer appropriate starting rates;
  • To design and modify salary structures and pay scales;
  • To mitigate legislative risk;
  • To determine acceptable rates of salary progression; and
  • To provide guidance on pay review decisions and well as salary levels of individual employees.

the journey

The high-level process flow of the process we follow to implement RewardExpert can be summarised as follows:

Send data pack

A data pack is sent to you for completion. This pack includes a set of job matching guidelines, a data input sheet and a questionnaire.

Job matching & data validation

This is one of the most important components of the process – inaccurate job matching yields benchmarks that are neither accurate nor reflective of the market. In addition, it contaminates current data in our database. As such, we utilise using our rigorous O-R-G-N© methodology. This methodology is based on 4 key components – (O)rganisational Metrics, (R)eporting lines, (G)rade, (N)arrative). Skilled Emergence Growth staff are available to assist with this process, should it be required. Once the job matching process is complete, the pay data provided is validated. This process includes testing the data against norms in the market and a series of data validation steps. Any anomalies are queried and resolved before upload into the system.

Data upload

The matched and validated data is then uploaded into the RewardExpert database.

Provide detailed reports

A full set of organisation wide reports is given to you. These reports are invaluable for making defensible pay decisions for your employees. The reports include the following:

  1. Job matching confirmation
  2. Benchmarks for all roles in your organisation
  3. Compa ratio & cost to move analysis
  4. Pay by grade

Assign logon credentials

We will allocate usernames & passwords to all individuals that require access to the system, according to the access level required by the organisation.

Facilitate training

After confirmation of the timing, logistics & venue, we will facilitate training on the system. It si ossible to conduct the training via Skype or telephonically.

Provide ongoing support

Emergence Growth will provide unlimited telephonic support on utilisation of the system. This support is limited to office hours, 08h00 – 17h00, Monday to Friday.

We would love to show you the system and what it can do for you and your organisation! For more information please call 011 026 3442 or email:

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