• Complete end-to-end payroll administration and advice by an experienced payroll team
  • Comprehensive Country specific revenue services and authority reporting including monthly and annual returns
  • Transfers directly to employee bank accounts, available in South Africa and where Emergence Growth is represented.
  • Comprehensive payroll reporting
  • Professional pay slips (printed or electronic)
  • Country specific reporting
  • Self-service portal for leave processing, claim processing etc.
  • A designated contact person for all payroll related queries
  • Keep your sensitive payroll information confidential
  • Be assured of legal compliance
  • Limit the risk of costly litigations due to non-compliance
  • Save salary expenditure costs by outsourcing all your payroll requirements
  • Introduce and manage Employee benefits
  • Gain insight on leave statistics, job costings etThird party payment solutions, available in South Africa and where Emergence Growth is represented
  • A unique portal including HR templates, e.g. leave forms and employment contracts
  • Salary structuring
  • Additional services available to the market includes cost to company conversions, Job
    evaluations/Grading, Salary benchmarking and so much more
  • We have a National and international footprint with more than 50 years’ experience.
  • We the most cost effective solution available to clients in the market.

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