Annual Employment Conference

The dynamic and evolving employment landscape in South Africa poses unique challenges to business leaders. The need to stay informed and plan effectively is crucial to the survival of any organisation, along with the ability to respond and adapt quickly to the changing world of work and legislative amendments impacting the labour environment. How can

HR Standards

The adoption of HR Standards ensures that HR is able to effectively deliver and measure its impact against the HR strategy and ultimately meet the objectives of the organisation. This 2-day workshop will provide Leadership and HR Professionals with the following: – How HR Standards can reinforce your business strategy – Knowledge of how the

What is StrengthsFinder 2.0?

  Our research and knowledge base on the topic of human strengths have expanded dramatically over the past decade. StrengthsFinder 2.0 picks up where the first version left off, and it is designed to provide you with the latest discoveries and strategies for application.   For an in-depth analysis of what the 34 strengths can mean,

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Gallup – ASC

Everybody needs a coach. We all need someone to help us reach our full potential, no matter the facet of life. We ended off 2018 with our flagship coaching programme, Gallup’s Accelerated Strengths Coaching, being accredited with 40 CPD points through SABPP. How to become a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, from coursework to Certification in

Strengths and Coaching

GALLUP’S ACCELERATED STRENGTHS PROGRAMME HAS BECOME EVEN MORE ATTRACTIVE! NOW WITH CPD STATUS IN SOUTH AFRICA! Emergence Growth is pleased to announce that Gallup’s ASC programme has been accredited CPD status by the South Africa Board for People Practices (SABPP). Delegates attending and successfully completing this CPD accredited course will be eligible for 40 CPD Points. Over

SHRM certification

SHRM certification is integral to a company’s HR Development Strategy As director of talent strategy at Volvo Group North America, Hope Rush, SHRM-SCP, was instrumental in the decision to incorporate SHRM certification into the company’s HR development program. We asked her how Volvo’s HR development strategy for U.S. HR staff came about, its implementation and

Job Profile and Job Evaluation workshop

Job Profile 1 Day Workshop This one day workshop will offer you highly interactive practical application and instruction in how to compile job profiles within your business. Job Profiles are critical for any business as they have an impact on a number of Business and Human Resources processes; including: Actual job activities Recruitment and Selection


QuickSkills: Skills auditing made easy! In today’s highly competitive employment market, organisations are avidly looking to employ and retain people with a record of consistently enhancing their skills and performance. They want individuals who are proactive and accountable! (Outcomes) For more info, CLICK HERE

Customer Service Training

Customer Service (NQF Level 4)  This three-day workshop is aimed at focusing and enabling participants, both individually and collectively to implement meaningful Customer Service. (Workshop Modules) For more info, CLICK HERE

Human Resources Diploma

Human Resources Diploma (NQF Level 5)  This five-day workshop provides the academic content essential fro your HR Diploma in Human Resources Management.Our training philosophy ensures that co-operative and outcomes based learning facilitates workplace application. (Workshop Modules) For more info, CLICK HERE

Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership / International Leadership & Management Diploma (NQF Level 5 Equivalence)  This five-day workshop is a practical leadership qualification that helps individuals and organisations adapt and thrive in changing environments. Workplaces are evolving from a “tell” leadership style into the age of engagement. (Workshop Modules) For more info, CLICK HERE

Certified Global Compensation Professional

Globalization has increased the complexity of doing business. It has also created culturally diverse work forces due to the dynamic increase in worker mobility. Rapid technological advances have resulted in new tools for making effective workforce management decisions and developing performance and rewards management strategies that are effective. For more info, CLICK HERE


Certificate in Compensation Management This exciting five-day workshop provides a detailed introduction into essentials such as Compensation Management. Upon completion of this program that includes an examination on the subject matter covered, successful participants will be awarded the “Certificate in Compensation Management” – CCM For more info, CLICK HERE

Accelerated Strengths Coaching Course

Based on more than four decades of the study of talents, strengths and success, Gallup’s Accelerated Strengths Coaching Course is an invaluable opportunity to help you understand and apply the principles of strengths-based development to advance your coaching and help your clients learn, grow, develop and achieve personal and professional success. For more info, CLICK HERE

Magriet Mouton

Magriet Mouton is the Gallup Africa Programme Manager at Emergence Growth Human Capital. Magriet is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach and lives to see people growing in their strengths and celebrating performance, she has over 10 years’ experience with strengths conversations and 6 years within the Human Resource industry. Arranger | Activator | Individualization |


VALUE – ARE YOU CLEAR ON HOW TO MEASURE IT AND WHAT DRIVES IT? All organisations exist to create value, though the definition of value will differ from one kind of organisation to another. A for-profit company, for example, aims to increase its value over time, as measured by market capitalisation or discounted cash flow.


The Constitutional Court handed down its judgment in the matter, CCT 194/17: Assign Services (Pty) Limited v National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa and Others. Whilst the judgement was expected by the industry, it does not negate the important role that Temporary Employment Services (TES) will continue to play in workforce management and enabling

Join us in 2018!

Emergence Growth will be attending, exhibiting and/or presenting at the following events throughout the year. We hope to see you there. HR Works, CT, 22 Aug 2018 IPM Swaziland, Swaziland, 19-21 September 2018 HR Indaba, JHB, 3-4 October 2018 IPM South Africa, Limpopo, 21-24 October 2018 IMPSA, Cape Town, 31 October – 2 November 2018 SARA

SHRM Certification

Earning your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP credential makes you a recognised expert and leader in the HR field—and a valuable asset to your organisation, keeping you and your organisation more competitive in today’s economy. This professional distinction sets you apart from your colleagues, proving your high level of knowledge and skills. Consider the top 6 reasons why you should pursue

RewardExpert – Tomorrows reward, today

RewardExpert is an accurate and easy-to-use Total Reward system, offering live data and a host of supporting modules that will assist in setting appropriate pay levels, performing pay analysis, mitigating legislative risk and addressing pay anomalies, across a number of industries and countries. features include: Highly accurate job matching, using our rigorous O-R-G-N© methodology – (O)rganisational Metrics,

Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator, Expert

Emergence Learning Academy is proud to announce our Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator, Expert (F.A.M.E) accelerated training programme. This is a five day in-depth and accelerated programme, where you can start to build your credits and Notional hours. Who should attend this programme: This programme will be beneficial to people within the fields of Education, Training & Development and HR Development. Facilitators with no

Gallup Testimonial

“For over 15 years I had struggled to succeed in a sales role and simply could not achieve the success that I knew I was capable of. The harder I tried, the worse things became. I did the Gallup Clifton StrengthFinder assessment in both 2002 & 2003 after reading Now, Discover Your Strengths and Discover

Unlock your true potential

It’s time to unlock your true potential! As an HR professional, you have the fantastic opportunity to shape the organisations of the future. Let the HR Indaba Africa hand you the keys to improve and grow your career, your leadership, your team and your organisation. Are you an ambitious HR professional? Register now for two

African Engagement

Is African Engagement Poised for Take-Off? Author: Pat Smythe, Ph.D., is executive chairman of Emergence Growth in South Africa.   Emergence Growth, a partner of Global Business Solutions, recently published the results of its fifth annual Africa Employee Engagement Survey. The research from over 600 organisations across Africa has been used by many HR professionals

Emergence Growth

Emergence Growth is a specialist Human Capital, Reward & Learning solutions provider. We specialise in enabling greater performance by assisting organisations to better attract, reward, engage, develop and retain highly talented people. We base our solutions design on a deep set of research and IP within various areas of expertise. Strengthened by a network of

One – Stop

Emergence Growth is your “one-stop” HR & Reward consulting firm. Our services include: Market Salary Data, Performance based Pay, Incentives, Job Descriptions & grading (electronic & manual), HR Policies, Employee Benefits, Retention of Scarce & Critical Skills, Training (MSOffice, leadership & office skills) & Recruitment. We have a passion for assisting organisations to grow and

The Potential of HR Outsourcing

The Value of Sweat Equity HR outsourcing as an organizational strategy has increased substantially over the last decade largely due to the increased complexities and cost of managing the people agenda in business. The ability to improve HR delivery in critical areas, whilst reducing the cost makes HR outsourcing an attractive proposition for all size


RewardExpert, delivers on all your reward management requirements, with ease of use and excellent reliability. We pride ourselves on rigorous data integrity, resulting in highly accurate benchmark data that is supported by highly skilled staff. Book your demo now by contacting

Organisational Design

  What is organisational design? As companies grow and the challenges in the external environment become more complex, business processes, structures and systems that once worked become barriers to efficiency, customer service, employee morale and financial profitability. Organisational design is a step-by-step methodology which identifies dysfunctional aspects of work flow; procedures; structures and systems; and

The Teddy Bear Clinic – Making a difference campaign

Emergence Growth supports The Teddy Bear Clinic though our Making a Difference Campaign.  When TTBC called us in April and asked for assistance with the home based in Krugersdorp to throw the kids an Easter party, we jumped at the opportunity! Kirsten Smythe, Marketing Manager for Emergence Growth went full steam ahead and got her

What Is a Strengths-Based Team?

By Ryan Darby, Gallup Learning and Development Consultant One of the more difficult concepts that managers, and sometimes coaches, struggle with is the strengths-based team. On the surface, it seems an easy idea. It’s a group of individuals who all use their talents and strengths to accomplish a common goal. Great! That does sound simple.

PDA (Personal Development Analysis) & Future Leaders Africa

PDA International Africa is the proud Africa Exclusive Partner for the PDA Assessment. Operating in more than 45 countries globally for the past 15 years, PDA (Personal Development Analysis) is fast becoming the world leader in online assessments. The PDA is an online psychometric assessment measuring behaviour, emotional intelligence and energy. • Operating in 16

Talent Lessons from an African Safari

For decades, educators and businesses have advocated the development of well-rounded individuals (students and employees) with little or no recognition of their unique talents. Developing them into “Little Michelin people!” “If you are hopeless at something but brilliant at something else, we will fix what is perceived to be broken or a weakness in the

Racism in the workplace is totally unacceptable

The Constitutional Court handed down judgment in South African Revenue Service v Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration and Others (CCT19/16) ZACC 38 on 8 November 2016. The unanimous judgment of eleven Constitutional Court Judges is unequivocal in its condemnation of racism, particularly in the workplace. The Court lamented the fact that cases such as this highlight